News letter Sicily 2

Dear church!

By the grace of God we are in Sicily and we are here with a purpose. Our purpose is to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! Here the people are very open to the gospel and we think now is the time for the Greater Grace Ministry to be in this city. The field is white. What is wonderful here is that the young people are so open for the good news, and they pray for salvation!
Please pray for us, pray for missionaries, pray for desciples, please let God speak to your heart for this ministry! Let the Spirit of God speak to you!

This preacious lady with her douther is from Hungary, and She comes here one week in every month and serves God here with us with all her heart! Praise God for this precious lady, she is a gift from God for this ministry, because she serves here with her money, with her time, with her life, too. Her douther is 14 years-old and she is a wonderful servant of God!!!! Praise God for our children!

At soul winning the people are so open, they just pray for salvation!!! Hallelujah!!! God just has mercy on us, uses us, and all these is for his Glory! Amen!!!!

This preciuos man is Leonardo. We met him at soul winning and he is a christian man! He comes at our place to study the Bible and God uses this man so much in our life here!

This precious lady was praying for salvation and now we have the contact with her, and she is a wonderful person! For now she is our sister in Christ!!!Praise God!!!!Hallelujah!!! We was in her house and we had a wonderful time whit her and with her family!

With love in Christ P.Virgil,Gaby,Naomi,Henriette,Adriana!
E-mail: 0039/3891808797.